ICF Construction

The quality and integrity of our buildings begin with the state of the art construction method known as Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs).

Please view the above video to learn more about the ICF construction process.

The forms lock together somewhat like Lego Ò. Concrete is pumped into the cavity forming the structural walls of the building. After the cement has cured or firmed up the forms are left in place to provide the following benefits:pic2

  • Superior structural integrity
  • Insulation
  • Sound attenuation
  • Space to run electrical and plumbing
  • Backing for interior wallboard and exterior siding, stone, and cedar

Thus enabling us to deliver to you a home that is

  • inexpensive to heat and cool
  • sheltered from suite to suite sounds as well as exterior noises
  • deep window sills for plants and treasures
  • affordable condo fees for years to come
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